Whether you're an actor, business person, food blogger, trapeze artist, whatever the case, it doesn't matter. Nowadays you need to have a head shot. Something that helps market you and what you do.

Social media has changed the game. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, are great resources to show who you are but are they marketing you?

Classic - $600

Perfect for actors and business owners. 

For actors this is where we get a bright, clean, commercial shot as well as a darker, sophisticated, dramatic image.  Head shots are a tool so lets make sure you have the right one for the job.  A toothpaste ad isn't Hamlet.  Whichever role you’re aiming for, we'll make sure you have a great head shot for it.

For business owners, we'll get a professional image you can feel confident about sending out to press and then move on to something with more color and personality.  The business landscape is changing faster than ever and people want to know who you are not just what you can do.

Allow for 3 Hrs. 


Book with a Friend and Save $100 each

Book a classic head shot session with a friend on the same day and you each get $100 off.

Actor Refresh - $400

Know exactly what you need?

This is for people who simply need an update.  Perhaps you have a new hair style or maybe switched agents and they just want some thing fresh.  Whatever the case,  if we've shot before and are comfortable with each we can skip through the getting comfortable small talk and get to work! 

*this is only available to actors who've shot with me once before.

Allow 1.5 Hrs


Office Head Shot Party

Want to guarantee everyone in the office is looking dapper?

I'll come to you and shoot everyone in the office on the same day.  Bringing along any studio gear needed as well as a nice big display so everyone can see and choose their shot at the time of their shoot.  No office is too small or large

Office Party Packages start at $1800.

Please contact me for more details.

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